Natalia Volgina

Eastern Europe & CIS Director
Havea Group

Réunions bilatérales

  • 15.30-16.00
  • 16.00-16.30
  • 16.30-17.00
  • 17.00-17.30
  • 17.30-18.00

We are looking for the partners in CIS for cosmetics and food supplements.

We are the 3d pharmacy player on the French Market

We are  known in the world by our brands  in  cosmetics: Biolane, BioPha, Nature moi and Biosecure. Our well known brands of food suppléments: Nutrisante, Vitarmonyl, Aragan and Synactifs


Taille de l'organisation1-10
Téléphone+33 2 51 09 74 28