Natalia Griffon

Manager travel company

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DescriptionAROUND.RU – MEET YOUR CREW! “” travel company has been working in the international tourism since 2002. Incoming tourism in Russia and in Karelia, in particular. Incoming tourism in Finland, Norway and Sweden, in Baltic countries and in Croatia. Outgoing tourism to Finland, to Norway, to Sweden to Baltic countries, to Croatia and other countries. In Karelia: - cultural, combined and corporate tours; - courses of snowkiting, kitesurfing windsurfing and wakeboarding; tours by yachts; courses to learn ruling a dinghy; the youth sailing school in Petrozavodsk; - cruise vacations; - cognitive and village tourism; - conferences, teambuilding trainings and incentive tourism; - festival and music events; theatrical trips; - event tourism; - Russian language courses; - active (off-road/jeep tours, rafting, canoeing, mountaineering, hiking, bicycling, husky tours, skiing routes, snowmobile safaris, etc.); - ecological (white whale watching, birdwatching, etc.).; - youth tourism; war-historic tours, fishing and hunting; - motorhome, caravan and rotel tours around Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Baltic countries, Poland, Germany, Denmark, etc.; - motorcycling tours; - the visa support (the so called invitation) for getting a visa to Russia; -organizing the international music and cultural festival “KALEVALA MUSIC WHEEL” (ex.”Kalevala Jazz”, “Kalevala Fest”) since 2010 in Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia located in the northwest of Russia. In all the Russian regions - all the types of tourism services. In Finland, Norway and Sweden, and in Baltic countries and in Croatia - all the types of tourism services. Contacts: Travel company Director Natalia Alufyorova tel/fax: +78142 565046 mobile: +79114052000 emails: Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia
Taille de l'organisation1-10
PaysRussian Federation
Ville Petrozavodsk , 32-a, Suoyarvskaya, St.