Polina Tronçon

Business Development Director,

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DescriptionEventicious LLC is a Russian company based in Samara, which develops mobile applications for professional events. These are products created in partnership with Mercury Development - a leading software development company in the United States since 1999. We are involved in this development since 2014 and supports more than 400 events per year in more than 14 countries. Our clients are such companies as Philip Morris, Michelin, Novartis, Nestle, Mercedes, Leroy Merlin, Cisco, Metro, Sandos, Wörwag Pharma, Ricoh, Glenmark, Schneider Electric. We are working with a large number of government organizations and with public events as well.
Taille de l'organisation51-100
Ville Luxembourg ,
Offre et demande

Offering Event Mobile Applications / Requesting companies interested in developing event activities

I am offering the development of mobile applications for corporate events and corporate education programs and requesting contacts with enterprises interested in such development

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